About Us

Established in 2021, Autopiar is an online platform for hard-to-find car accessories and innovative car tools that can help improve drivers’ confidence and make sure they are focused on safety while driving. The company offers premium privilege choices and services when it comes to advance car technology.

After a loved one was involved in a fatal car accident while operating his phone, Autopiar founder has made it a mission to never let this tragic incident again. At Autopiar, our team understands the importance of car accessories for any car lover. Over the years, we have curated a large selection of car accessories, organizers car repair tools and innovative specialty tools that will be valuable for all car enthusiasts.

Online shopping has become popular among global consumers and Autopiar aims to innovate the shopping experience of all our customers. To realize the company’s goal of bringing aftermarket brands right at the doorstep of every consumer. Although the company is based in United Kingdom, we have our own U.S. based warehouse and we are offering 2 days shipment to all our USA customers.

To provide easier access, Autopiar’s online selling platform provides the company the necessary portal that allows the company to empower all the aftermarket brands that we carry without spending ridiculous amounts of money on advertisement. At Autopiar, we offer a wide range of car accessories and car care products including but not limited to car interior accessories, car exterior accessories, lighting products, car care and styling, and a number of car electronics product.

Autopiar offers a one-stop and hassle-free solution for all car accessories & car care needs. At Autopiar, we are your personal Garage that would provide you with all your car accessories and care needs. Our online platform hosts the best of accessories available in the market and provide end-to-end service to allow for convenient, transparent and faster transactions. We provide both curated offerings and after-sales services to all car aficionados.

Let Autopiar worry about what you need for your car.


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